Mountain Warrior Conservation

Be the change you wish to see

Who are we?

Mountain Warrior Conservation is a local organization fighting for the conservation of the environment, as well as the wildlife and plant life that inhabit it, by promoting direct action

Doing the Dirty Work

We are dedicated to continuing to taking a hands-on approach when it comes the betterment of our local community

Protecting Our Local Ecosystem

A healthly local ecosystem helps promote long-term sustainability

Educating Others

Progress starts with education, from education comes understanding and with understanding the want for change

About Us

Leading by Example

Based in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains, MWC began as a group of friends doing their part to better their local community of North Adams, Massachusetts. As avid hikers, we recognized just how much of a problem things such as the litter epidemic was and how it was negatively affecting the community and environment as a whole. Something more needed to be done, so Mountain Warrior Conservation was born.

Upcoming Clean Up Events

  • Sunday May 21st, 2023
  • Sunday June 18th, 2023
  • Sunday July 16th, 2023

Investing in Nature

Being able to leverage the abundance of nature in the surrounding area is imperative to both the economic and societal longevity of our community

Protecting the Environment

As it stands we currently only have one planet, it is important for us keep it intact for future generations

Broadcasting Our Message

Thanks to social media and the power of professional networking we plan to keep spreading our awareness on the matters at hand

Our Initiatives

Trash & Litter Clean Ups

Be the change you wish to see. Coordinating community driven events to help tackle the ongoing litter epidemic

Hiking Trail Maintenance

With hundreds of miles of surrounding trails it is imperative that we continue to maintain these natural assets to the community

Community Outreach & Education

Boots on the ground approach to community engagement. We plan to continue to spread awareness in regards to properly utilizing and protecting our local enviroment

Eco-Friendly Content

It is now near impossible to start a movement without some form of content creation. We intend to lean into content creation as a means to help bring awareness to our movement

Our Mission

We intend to spread awareness on the importance of protecting your local enviroment and bring attention to otherwise ignored problems preventing us all from fully leverage the bountiful asset that is mother nature here in the Berkshires

Our Plan

With a hands-on approach, we will continue to do the dirty work that others within the community do not want to do

Our Team

Rosalyn Lincoln

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in the Berkshires, Rosalyn has always had a love and passion for the natural world. As a hiker and outdoor enthusiast, she began to realize the negative impact trash, litter and other hazardous materials had on the planet. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology, this opened her eyes even more on how important it is to protect this planet we call home. Rosalyn, along with the help of her partner Austin Thompson (CTO & CFO), started to get out and take action by cleaning up litter in the community on a weekly basis, while promoting their cause via social media. By combining her knowledge of the natural world with her business-minded personality, Rosalyn strives to make a difference with MWC.

Outside of conservation-related activities, Rosalyn can often be found hiking, rock climbing, creating visual art via photography / cinematography, or attending a hardcore / metal show.

Austin Thompson


As a self-descripted small town guy Austin has always held a close connection to nature. Living along the Appalachian Trail most of this life he naturally developed a passion for the outdoors as both a hiker & a climber. Eager to make a difference Austin earned himself a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and begun to educate himself on how to both grow and retain wealth in a effort to gain the means to truly make a difference within the community. He and his partner, Rosalyn Lincoln begun to use their professional connections to raise awareness of the litter epidemic plaguing their local community. At the end of the day it was a dirty job but someone has to do it, he decided that someone would be him. With MWC he hopes to use his skillsets as a force for positive change.

When he isn't busy with his many professional endeavors you can typically find Austin outside hiking or looking for rocks to climb. He enjoys spending much of his time adventuring with his loving girlfriend and dog, Kai.


  • How can I get involved?

    Be sure to follow all of our social media accounts at the bottom of this page! We post regularly about upcoming events. We also have a mailing list that could can join by simply sending us an email at

  • Currently we do not accept donations but are working to potentially allow for this possiblity. The best way to donate at the moment is to volunteer some of your time!